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Community Capacity Building: A Practical Guide

Authors:   Summary:
  • Community Capacity Building: A Practical Guide (2005) provides a plain language guide to the development of community capacity by housing workers. Published by the Housing and Community Research Unit at the University of Tasmania, this document begins by defining the concept of community capacity building (CCB) and related keywords, goes on to offer practical advice on methods for helping to build the capacity of communities. The advice contained within this guide is written with the practitioner in mind, and concludes by offering examples of Australian and other international good practice in developing community capacity. This document will be of interest to anyone in the community development or local government sector seeking practical approaches to building community capacity.

Key Resources:
  •  Criticism of CCB (pp 4-5); Issues CCB might help to deal with (pp 3-4);Principles behind CCB (pg 4).

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