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What is the Habitat Exchange?

The Habitat Exchange is a portal for learning and collaboration, as well as a venue
for the dissemination of ecologically sound and socially equitable urban development
resources. We intend this site to provide a platform for many diverse online research,
teaching and information exchange initiatives and we welcome ideas for partnerships
and collaboration.

Currently The Habitat Exchange includes:
  • A collection of selected print resources which provide practical assistance in
    addressing the need for more socially and ecologically sustainable cities.
  • A collection of archival materials.
  • A platform for the peer review of urban development practices.

What is the Habitat Archives?

The Habitat Archives is a collection within the Habitat Exchange of selected print, video
and audio documentation from past UN-HABITAT conferences. If you have any materials
from past UN conference we encourage you to include them in our archival collection.
To contribute material, click here.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by:

  • Proposing an idea for partnership or collaboration. To contact us, click here.
  • Sending practice oriented materials to be included in the Habitat Exchange.
  • Sending archival materials to be included in the Habitat Exchange.
  • Commenting on material in the Habitat Exchange.
  • Encouraging friends and colleagues to do the same.
  • How can I contribute material to the Habitat Exchange?

    We accept submissions at any time. We will post new content as soon as it is reviewed
    by the site administrators. To contribute material, click here.

    How come I can't view the videos on this site?

    To view the videos on this site you need the Flash player version 8 or higher.
    Flash is a free download.

    What is the software used to create this site?

    The Habitat Exchange was created with an "open source" software called Drupal.
    Keeping with the philosophy of this site, Drupal is innovative, adaptable and free.

    For more information on open source software, click here.
    For more information on Drupal, click here.

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