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Urban Environment

PDFMore Urban, Less Poor, More Liveable: How to Integrate Environment into City Planning Cities Alliance2003
PDFAdaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development and EquitySustainable Development2001
PDF8 Steps for Establishing Model Areas for Community-Based InitiativesWorld Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean2002
PDFBuilding An Environmental Management Information SystemUnited Nations Environment Program | United Nations Centre for Human Settlement Program2000
PDFEnvironment and Health Improvement in Jajmau Area, Kanpur: Lessons and Experiences for Wider ReplicationInstitute for Housing and Urban Development Studies1997
PDFIntegrated Low Cost Sanitation: The Indian ExperienceInstitute for Housing and Urban Development Studies1997
PDFSustainable Urbanization: Achieving Agenda 21United Nations Human Settlements Programme2002
PDFTrash Landings: How Airlines and Airports Can Clean up Their Recycling ProgramsNatural Resources Defense Council2006
PDFOur Built and Natural Environments: A Technical Review United States Environmental Protection Agency2001
WebsiteWaterAid InternationalWaterAid
PDFIntegrating Sustainability into the Transportation Planning Process: Committee for the Conference on Introducing Sustainability US Environmental Protection Agency | Transportation Research Board | Federal Highway Administration2004
PDFCosts and Benefits of Reduced Sulfur Fuels in ChinaThe International Council on Clean Transportation2006
PDFInternational Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food SecurityFood and Agriculture Organization2007
PDFPrimer on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)Pollution Probe2005
Video | WebsiteMicro-hydro in KenyaPractical Action
PDFWater Efficiency in the South East of England: Retrofitting Existing Homes Environment Agency2007
PDFThe Source Water Protection PrimerPollution Probe2004
PDFTsunami Green Reconstruction Policy Guidelines World Wildlife Federation2006
PDFWaterwise: Good for Business, Great for the Environment Environment Agency2006
PDFInnovative Urban Environmental Management in Ilo, PeruInstitute for Housing and Urban Development Studies1996
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