The EMERGENCE Canada Project

The introduction of new information and communications technologies have been accompanied by major shifts in the location of employment, both within and between regions, and globally.

These developments are leading to a new industrial geography, with increasing regional specialisation in certain types of information processing activities.

Work Beyond Boundaries:
An International Conference on Tele-mediated Employment and its Implications for Urban Communities: Vancouver 2006

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EMERGENCE Canada was a Canadian Government SSHRC-funded project through Industry Canada's, Initiative on the New Economy program that investigated the impact that information and communications technologies have on the changing nature of work in the new economy. In particular it investigated outsourcing of telemediated employment or 'e-work' between firms within Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world.

The project investigated forces propelling outsourcing trends internationally and directed its research results to Canadian policy makers, industry bodies and other organizations interested in the economic and social implications of the new global economy.

The primary goal of the project was to capture and document developments in e-work practices through qualitative case studies in every region in Canada as they reshape employment and industrial patterns domestically and internationally.

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