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This page contains papers, links, and other information about research and other projects related to participatory budgeting that are being developed throughout the world. We would appreciate any feedback (please refer to contacts on home page) regarding the content of this webpage, as well as any additional material that would contribute to the knowledge base we are developing.


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-- More Portuguese documents available here in PDF

-- German documents available here in PDF



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Books, Exerpts

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-- Josh Lerner: Building a Democratic City




-- WB Presentation about PB 1
-- WB Presentation about PB 2
-- Financial Planning at the City of North Vancouver
-- Participatory Budgeting in Guelph
-- Vancouver - City Choices 2004
-- Building a Democratic City - PB in Toronto
-- Schugurensky, Daniel. Enlightenment and engagement in adult education for democratic citizenship: Lessons from the Citizens' Forum and the Participatory Budget. CASAE-ACÉÉA National Conference 2001 - Twentieth Anniversary Proceedings.


-- Orçamento Participativo: The remarkable experience of direct democracy in a Brazilian town
-- The Deliberative Democracy Project @ University of Oregon
-- Deliberative Democracy @ Wikipedia
-- Participatory Budgeting @ Università degli Studi di Siena
-- PB concepts, etc. (In German)
-- About PB. (In German, with bibliography)
-- Various texts in English, Portuguese and Spanish
-- City of Porto Alegre (In Portuguese)
-- Materials and information about an NGO that supports PB with seminars, workshops, etc. (In Portuguese, some texts in English)
-- Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Information about the PB aat the state level (In Portuguese)
-- UNESCO Program Community Participation and Governance
-- PB in Germany, Nordrheim, Wesfalen, Bertelsmann Foundation. PB in six cities of different sizes
-- Projeto Democracia Participativa, L.Avritzer. Information about participatory democracy, looking into PB (In Portuguese)
-- Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany. Information about several projets
-- A rabble interview with Professor Daniel Schugurensky about bringing Brazilian-style participatory budgets to Canadian cities
-- RES PUBLICA: AN INTERNATIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR EDUCATION IN DEMOCRACY. Draft. December 17, 2003. Civitas: An International Civic Education Exchange Program of the Center for Civic Education
-- Gender Budgets: Definition

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